Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr. Kirschner!

On March 24, we trekked down to Lenox Mall to play at Brighton Gardens. Why did we visit a location so far away? Well, we wanted to visit our friend Mr. Joseph Kirschner. 

Mr. Kirschner was a guest conductor for our Philharmonia orchestra last year when we went down to Savannah to play for the Georgia Music Educator's Conference, which was a great honor for us. He also worked with us in our first year as a school, helping us get our first ever straight Superior ratings at our Large Group Performance Evaluation.

We loved getting a chance to show off all that he has taught us and also getting to see him.

This performance may also have been our final performance for the school year, seeing as how AP exams and finals are rapidly approaching for most of us. No worries though, we defiantly have some exciting events coming up in the summer!

Monday, March 12, 2012



We've had a really great semester so far. We've welcomed a lot of new faces into the Notes of Joy family, as well as kept up with old friends. Here are a list of some of our recent events:
  • On February 11 at the Sunrise Home at Johns Creek, we revisited some of our old friends from an earlier performance.
  • On February 26 we went to Dogwood Forest North of North Point to play music to a new group of residents.
  • On March 11 we had an excellent performance for the Cohen Home of Johns Creek. 
We have really enjoyed these recent performances, and we look forward to more coming up soon!