Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunrise of Johns Creek~

I'm so glad that we got to spend such a sunshine-y day at no other than 
Sunrise of Johns Creek! 
Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to today's performance. :( I have a hectic month coming up, and I just needed more time to prepare for my upcoming golf tournaments, SAT, and other tests. But, I heard that the performance was superb, and everyone was so glad to once again connect with our friends at Sunrise. It was great to hear exciting news and new stories since our last meeting during the holiday season. 

Bill and Daniel chat with a friend. 

Big shootout and thanks to the group who came and performed today :) … 
And to Priscilla, too (who is on the other side of this camera!) 

Until next time! 

"Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is. " 
--Malcolm Arnold

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back to the Cohen Home :)

Some crazy weather we've been having! We hope you stayed safe and warm throughout the storm. It seems like snow-polcalyse and winter break round 2… we haven't had school since Monday and we don't have classes until Tuesday! 
But don't worry, we are spending our time well, as today we got to make our first trip of the semester to the Cohen Home. :)
As always, we love performing for the residents, and we're so happy that we got to see our friends at the Cohen Home again. It was great to catch up with everyone since we hadn't seen them for a couple of months. As always, it is so much fun and such a blessing to be able to share our music and joy. 

Thanks to this wonderful group of people for coming out, and we can't wait for our next performance on Feb. 22 at Sunrise of Johns Creek!