Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cohen Home

A beautiful day was made even better because of the senior citizens at the Cohen Home.
It was such a pleasure performing for our friends who we have not seen for a few months, as this was our first performance of the new school year at the Cohen Home.
In addition to catching up, we met several new individuals who were new to the Cohen Home.
For example, Loraine, who is pictured below (in photos 2 and 4), only recently made the Cohen Home her new residence, and she says she plans on staying there!
The staff and senior citizens at the Cohen Home are so incredibly welcoming and supportive, so it's always such a pleasure performing for such a wonderful group.
Here are some pictures from today!
A quick snapshot of our audience after the performance was finished.

Akhil and Yebin with our new friend, Loraine

Mariana, Hyerine, and Jennifer loving their conversation with their sweet new friend.

My sweet friend, Loraine!

Richard and Shamsya joined the conversation!
Listening to precious stories!
Today was a first-time Notes of Joy performance for Elizabeth, Aida, and Gazal!
It looks like they loved it :)

More conversations~

Amy, Annie, Richard, Lillie, and Shamsya enjoying their time with their new friend at the Cohen Home.
It's always such a blessing being able to perform and meet such a beautiful group of people.
We cannot wait for our next performance, which will be at the Cohen Home again on November 16.
See you then!