About Us

Our History
Notes of Joy was founded in the fall of 2011 by Jenny Di and Priscilla Kim. Their goal was to reach out to the community in a way that would really help matter and make a difference.They decided to combine their musical experience and love for people together to create something that would allow all people to find ways to enjoy the benefits that music had brought them. Thus began Notes of Joy.

Our Music Selection
We play a lot of different types of music at Notes of Joy. Mostly what we choose are songs that we find that we will enjoy just as much as the audience. That means that there are a lot of classic, familiar tunes like Edelweiss, Georgia On My Mind, and Over the Rainbow. We also have some challenging classical music such as Brandenburg Concerto by J.S. Bach and the Hallelujah Chorus by George Frederick Handel. Lively tunes such as Arkansas Traveler are included just to make things exciting for our audience, as well as ourselves. However, in the end our goal is to play music for the audience that will really connect with them and bring them joy. Therefore, we choose music that we know we can play "musically," music that we know we can bring to life.