Saturday, November 16, 2013

Once Again at the Cohen Home!

We were reunited once again with our friends at the Cohen Home. 
And what a beautiful reunion it was.
As always, our days were made being able to perform our favorite tunes and share the joy that music brings to us.
Here are some pictures from our performance today:
The support and appreciation of our audience never fail to leave me in awe.
Pictured above are the individuals who inspire the mission of Notes of Joy.

Members warming up before the performance

And here come photos of our favorite part of this entire experience:
Greeting and talking with the senior citizens who have contributed so much to the society we enjoy today.

Akhil and Mark catch up.

Akhil and Naomi-- so sweet.

A group picture!

...and a classic blurry funny photo :)

Starting in December, we have holiday performances lined up!
We cannot wait to perform holiday classics while wearing Santa hats and reindeer ears! :)

Until next time!